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[01 Apr 2005|05:48pm]




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LMAO [01 Apr 2005|03:19pm]
[ mood | awake ]

HAHHAHAAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHHAHAH. I called my mom "crying" and told her I let Danyel drive my car and she crashed it into a tree.

Moms response : OH GOD TORI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!FJSKDGHSJDHSJHDSHDJShdSd (she starts flipping out)


Ahhh yes. I HAD to get somebody. and hell no im still not too old for this shitttt ;)

Have a good day everyone =]

Umm ok. I just got tooled on. I knew this day couldnt go on without ME getting fooled.
so this is what happens. i talk to my hubby online and he's being all non-talkative. and ths is how the convo goes.

me: well you dont seem to want to talk..so ill leave you alone.
him : hunny..we need to talk
me: about what?
him : ..us
me : ok..call me then
*so he calls me and this is the conversation*
me : whats going on
him: you know how we've been talking..about how we wanna stay together through college and all this stuff and we've been talking about like working it out?
me: yeah..
him: well..im having second thoughts. ive sort of been having them for a while but i didnt know how to tell you.
me: oh..
him: im so sorry..its just not going to work out, i mean im gonna be in college, your gonna be in highschool..im so sorry..really.
me : *crying* its ok..
him: you dont sound ok..
me : im fine..i mean..how did you decide this..?
him: ummm hunny?
me : what..
him : APRIL FOOLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

and then i freaked out and screamed at him lmao. my hands are still shaking and i was CRYING. what a mean boy he is. and you know what, i sorta thought he was gonna do something like this cuz he usually plays pranks on me, so i knew he was gonna do something, but during the phone conversation he kept dragging it on and on for a long time..for like 15 minutes so i didnt think he was joking at that point. GRRRR I HATE THIS DAY!

well. i dished it out. i got dished. all in all..april fools is now over. thank god =]

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Helloooo <3 [31 Mar 2005|09:24pm]
[ mood | tired ]

Long time no update. sorta. haha. Ok umm recap timeee.
umm got home and relaxed..had another heart to heart with my lover. ended up crying on the phone and just left. boo.

ahhh such a nice day outside. good weather seriously makes me in a good mood no matter like how long and shitty my school day is. i loveee it when its hot out. :)
got home and talked to my love for like 10 hours..not really but it was a long time..just abotu everything..college..how its gonna work out..what we're gonna do..the future..etc. it was nice though. definatley a better convo than tuesday. he made me laugh so much at the end of the conversation and it was just nice to be normal again. <33

School till 11..went to the grocery store and got some KOOL AID! hell yeah. I havent had that stuff since i was like 7! i forgot to put sugar in though and i tasted it and it was soo nasty..haha i felt so dumb :X but then i put in the sugar and it was just so good :) I also got some dried apricots. saw JD's mommy @ the grocery store..shes so nice =] said hi to her of course. then came home..ate and such..took 500 pictures with my digi and relaxed. then my love got home and we talked for about an hour just about everything, and about how we're gonna make it work between us even when he goes to college because he loves me and thats all there is to it :) <3333333333333333333333333333333333333333333 x10.

Then afterwards I had my basketball banquet which was nice. lots of good food + good times with the team. no one graduated cuz we had no seniors so it wasnt a hard goodbye although our coach did cry. I got a little teary when our manager said her speech and started crying..next years banquet is gonna suck though. its gonna be soo emotional. ahhh :X

Got home around 8..talked with my lover till about 20 minutes ago cuz he's a tired boy and needs his rest..so i did my vocab and now im updatinggg :)

Tommorrow = hangin out with my girls afterschool. not sure what we are doin but its somethin crazy as always ;)
Saturday = restin..sleeping in for shizzzleeeee :)
Sunday = Soccer + homework + resting!
^^ talking to my love<3 all between that I hope.

freakin party at my girls house cuz her rents are gone. its gonna be sweet as hell.

PS. I just realized i basically dont have a summer. im going to florida for like 8 days..im going to BC camp for a weekend..i think im going to michigan team camp for like a week..and all between that im doing summer soccer + summer basketball. danggggg. im gonna be busy busy busy. my only free day is like..friday lmao. oh well. :)

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Alls fair in love and war [29 Mar 2005|11:59am]
[ mood | distressed ]

I dont know if this happens to anyone else or just me. but like at night when I do something or something happens, I react in a certain way thats usually negative. but then in the morning I am always thinking clearer, and like im ready to talk and solve the problem. but i can never solve anything at night and I hate going to bed upset, cuz when I wake up im always like "wow i wish i could of said last night what i want to say now" cuz its always more rational and like..overall just more helpful. Sleep is a wonderful thing.

PS. yes. we are fighting. I dont know what its about. But the next morning(today) i am thinking wayyy clearer. damn.

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Pick it up slowww [26 Mar 2005|08:03pm]
[ mood | drained ]

Ever have that feeling where you feel hungry and sick at the same time? I do. :(

Umm lets recap. THURSDAY was quite an emotional day. I dont feel like explaining it all so read the previous entrie where i said EDIT and you'll know what im talking about. :)
But yeah. We talked around 7:30ish for about 10 minutes cuz he had to go pick up his uncle..so it wasnt really that deep we just kinda sat in silence.
Watched the OC + American Idol(Bye Bye Mckalya..she was getting annoying.) Anddd then he called back around 9:30 and we talked till almost midnight. he told me how hard it is to talk to me everyday, knowing that im not his girlfriend. he said he's afraid of what might happen in the future, so he doesnt want to get close to me, and part of him doesnt want to be in love. he kept telling me over and over how sorry he was that he'd "fucked things up between us" but honestly i think we needed that talk. i told him not to be sorry for what he felt..and to always be real with me and tell me. he told me he felt bad cuz its the first time he's really hurt my feelings..but strong me didnt cry :) i shed a few tears before that but i didnt cry so go me. cuz im emotional and i usually cry over shit like that cuz yanno im a sap. :) but he told me before that call that when we were on the phone he felt in love with me, but then when we got off he missed me so much that it hurt him to love me. so yeah intense moment right there. I dont want to overwhelm him with my actions because its harder for him then it is for me to show affection when he cant be here, so im not gonna text him/call him as much, and im just gonna let him kind of take control. wish me luck with that <3333333333
But yeah..he went to Jersey this weekend and i told him when he got back we'd talk about it and we'd fix it. and thats what intend to do :)

So enough about that. lets see. Friday I had school till 11 cuz I have double early D..so Danyel decided to skip school and come shopping with me to the auburn mall. its pretty sketchy there but whatever. anywaysss the ride there was pyscho..scary guys rolling down the window and talking to us..and danyel and I in the middle of an intersection with her going "ok tori take a left..no right..no left..no right..wait..I DONT KNOW WHAT TO DO" and covering her face. I stopped the car because I was laughing so hard and all these cars passed us and honked and yelled stuff out the window. i love making friends :)
so we got to the mall and bought Brookelyn something for her bday..then we went shopping ourselves. I got a purse and a belt and a bracelt and she got a shirt and a necklace and a braclet i think :)

Got back to school and picked brookleyn up and then ran some errands while we waited for chi chi's to open :) we went all around town..and me being me i always have to race people when theres a red light and im side by side with a car..does anyone else do that? haha. so yeah we went to china rose..made a huge scene and counted pennies (litterally) because we were so low on money that we used all we had. afterwards we went to the cooks corner mall + walked around and talked to people. at the red light i raced this guy, who then proceeded to talk to us. he was cute until brookelyn goes "TORI HE HAS A RECEEDING HAIR LINE" which i dont think was true but whatever lmao.

afterwards we drove thru neighborhoods and played horn beep and then i got home around 8ish.
got nice message online <3 :) and then took out my braids and went to bed.

had to get up early to get my hair done. it looks good but its too fucking short and im pissed. seriously im so mad i almost cried. i want it a little bit past my shoulders and its like down to my chin. ugh. everyone says it looks cute but i dont like it. i guess i have to get used to it. :(
Umm then i went to the mall and got some shoes..then came back here and napped.
now im chillan. happy easter to everyone :) peace outt <3

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Peace Gangstas [24 Mar 2005|04:37pm]
[ mood | cranky ]

my tummy hurts :(
school today was interesting. In math class we got on the topic of hooters and i bet the class i could eat 35 wings in one sitting. they all doubted me cuz im thin but when it comes to wings im like a friggin tank. :)
Umm the girl i dislike majorly in class was itching her back going "i think theres a bug in my shirt!" and flipping out. i told her she maybe had scabies(like mel did in real world) and she flipped out. hahahaha :)
yep. people are sitten on my friends lists like little duckies waiting to be fed by their mommys. but im not your momma duck and im not gonna feed you little baby food. so those little duckies need to freaking comment! at least let me know you're alive. kthnx.

[EDIT] I just admitted to dan that i think i love him more than he loves me.
and he agreed with me.
never really been in this situation. is that normal for the girl to have stronger feelings than the guy?
what do i do. someone please help me..

wow ok so this is what went down.
and honestly in a way this is a good thing..because that means he really does care.
he's not one to express his feelings..but wow i just got a shitload.
he said he's afraid of getting too involved with me because he doesnt want to loose me.
he worrys as much as i do..and he's afraid of us having a fight and that being the end.
he says part of him doesnt want to be in love with me, because thats when he has something to loose.
he also said that the distance thing is starting to suck ass which is why he is doubting so much.
so basically he's getting the tori-disease. cuz thats what ive been doing this whole relationship.
but pretty much were both afraid of loosing each other and afraid of getting so close that when something happens it hurts like none other.
but the real problem is..he goes to college next year. we think this is hard now while were both still in highschool..but wait until he goes to college. wow..=/

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IM BACK DID YA MISS ME??!?! [22 Mar 2005|05:14pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

so im home :) Im gonna do a basic update so here I go.

freaking awesomeee. sat w/ laura on the bus and got there around 9ish the next morning. Went to IHOP for b-fast and layed out in the sun for a while. then we got to the hotel and relaxed and passed out cuz we were so tired.
afterwards we went to DC and shopped/looked around..saw lots of homeless people and beggars..very different from maine life. hah.
umm after that we went back to the hotel and went to the mall for not even an hour. the girls and I were pissed cuz we were being rushed and couldnt shop and that mall had 4 floors! i got a purse and 2 rings but thats it. :(
went back to the hotel and chilled then passed out around 11.
The next morning we had our first 2 games..both of them a 0-0 tie..wierd.
afterwards went back to the hotel..showered and had movie night but everyone was tired so we just watched the beginning of Troy and ordered pizza and fell asleep.
Sunday we had our last game..won 2-0 hell yeah. then we found out we were in the finals. went for two 40 minute halfs..then two 5 minute halfs..then PKs. and WE WON. oh yeah..so yeah we got medals and a plaque and shirts. it was siiick.
afterwards went to pick up the U18s and stopped at KFC and got food. back to the hotel and we checked out and sat around and talked. the ride home suckeed. I texted with Dan for a long time then he called me and we talked for like 40 minutes while i was laying on the bus floor <3
passed out around like 11:30..woke up at 2 and talked with the girls..fell back asleep and we got home around 5ish. went straight to bed and slept till 2 lmao. awesomeee :) good times w/ my girls =]

Good good. I missed the freaking rager party though cuz I was in VA. i heard soo much stuff that went on there..damn people in my school are nasty :X ughh. my friends and I are typical teengage girls and they filled me in on allll the gossip i missed out on when i was away. haha.
umm ive hung out w/ danyel and brooke the most..i love them girls.
Julz and I (my not best friend anymore) realllyy dont talk. umm me and the guys are ok. so yeah goodness all around i guess :) <3

I love my familyyy. I really dont give them much credit but they are definatley so supportive of everything I do..they never miss a game. literally. I think ive played in like 1000 games of basketball/soccer since ive been 5..and they've missed maybe like..3 or 4? i love them so much. <3

MY LOVERRRRR <333333333
Wonderful wonderful wonderful. he goes to the moon and back for me. honestly i want to marry that kid. he's too great :) we've been better than ever and i just feel really connected to him..everything is great..no fights or arguments or anything. just pure happiness. i realized the other day how lucky i am to have him. i just hope i dont fuck it up so i can marry that hottie ;) haha <33

Umm thats alllll :)

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WEE ARE THE CHAMPIONS [21 Mar 2005|07:07pm]
[ mood | happy ]

yes so im back. we won first place at the tournment. we are so sick. hellll yeah baby :)

real updation later :)

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VA HERE I COME [16 Mar 2005|10:00pm]
[ mood | crazy ]

ok so im leaving for virginia tommorrow night!!! :) (for a soccer tourny)
and i wont be home until monday night so no one delete/forget about me cuz ill be back soooooon :)
Oh yeah and some people still havent guessed on which one they are for the entry below. so guess guess guess and ill tell you when i get back, or tommorrow before i leave :)


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Which sentence belongs to which friend? [15 Mar 2005|04:11pm]
[ mood | calm ]

K ready. Im doing this cool thing. Im gonna write something about everyone on my friends list. But im not gonna say which sentence goes to which person. You guys can guess all you want and see if you choose the sentence that matches what i think about you. :) READYYY GO!

#1: You havent been on my friends list too too long. But i like you. you comment a good amount so thats plus points for you! haha. and your drawing made me laugh :)

#2: I dont know you very well. you dont comment much and rarely update, but you seem like a cool chick :)

#3: I think you've been on my friends list the longest, through all the new journals we've both gotten. You get me laughing at all your entries cuz i think your funny and cute and i like your hair :) <3

#4: I feel like you've been pretty unhappy lately, judging by a lot of your entries. I think you're really pretty and I hope things work out for you. I loveee your style of clothes too. =]

#5: You and I are 100% different, and I think thats why I think your so cool. I dont know if that made sense but whatev. You've def. given me some good advice with my boyfriend troubles because I think sometimes you and your boyfriend go through the same things. good luck with him :)

#6: You're def. cool shit. I dont know how we came to be on each others friends lists..i cant remember. But I love getting a guys point of view from you and even though i bitch about how stressful guys are all the time, you're still given me advice. SO YOU'RE COOL! :)

#7: We are obesessed with the same show! I think thats how we came to be friends. You're def. awesome and I always love your comments because I think we're sort of alike. Which is sweeeet :)

#8: Where are you? I think you're my second longest friend through all the new journals, but you never really comment or update. But you have been with your boyfriend for a mighty long time so congrats to you guys :)

#9: You're probably the sweetest girl on here. You arent an update/comment whore but whenever you do comment you always leave something nice. It seems like there's always a guy stressing you out, but you are sweet and really pretty! and you deserve all the best, so hope it all works out for you.

#10: You gave me anonymous advice about my boyfriend and I..and thats how you came to be on my friends list..but since then you dont update or comment much, so i dont really know you. but i saw a picture of you and your girlfriend and you guys are cute. so you're still on my good side :)

#11: I really dont know you at all. I think you commented and I added you a while back, and you said you'd start commenting when I named you as someone who would be cut if they didnt comment. But whatev you seem like a sweet girl?

#12: We too are obsessed with the same show! I dont know you very much..but your entries are really vivid sometimes. Although i miss your comments, you seem cool.

Ok thats all :) aww i only have like 12 friends. But whatever haha. Ok everyone guess away and if you get it right you're awesome and if you get it wrong keep guessing and ill tell youuuuu :)

[EDIT] whoops! im a loser and forgot someone.

#13: You found me through commenting on a show that im obsessed with! you seem very coool :)

k there we go :)

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EVIL [10 Mar 2005|09:37pm]
[ mood | cranky ]

this entrie will not be about dan. i will not mention his name once. except for that. damnit.

yanno whats wierd?? i've realized that i hate girls. no offense to my chicks on LJ but you know what i mean..like girls in general. the girl generation. i saw this thing on mean girls were it was like "girls would rule the world if they didnt hate each other". which is totally true. girls hate each other. and if people say guys are worse than girls its 100% not true. guys dont gossip. guys dont backstab the way girls do. guys dont make every little thing into a huge deal like girls do. i've realized that ive only had one close girlfriend in high school..and im not even close with her anymore. we arent best friends. its hard being best friends with a girl. its easy being best friends with a guy.(in my opinion) i dont know maybe you guys disagree but in my opinion girls(including myself at times) are EVIL. i mean granted i have girls that are friends..but like..in general..i just really cant stand girls. i mean every single ex boyfriend that I broke up with or whatever..and needed someone to call..i always called a guy crying. i never called a girl. i think i did like..once? cuz most girls here would be thinking "aww thats too bad..but now he's on the market so i can hook up with him now.".

ok well im done ranting. sorry if i offended anyone but you guys know what i mean.

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<3 [09 Mar 2005|04:09pm]
you know what would be sweet?! if more people helped me out with my dilemma in the previous entry =]
Im making most of my entries friends only from now on cuz my ex boyfriend reads this and i dont want to make a new journal..so i have to make it friends only cuz yanno he's lame. :)

[EDIT] holy shit. I just got off the phone with him..and wow. he's too great for words <3
Her(me) sorry.
Him: for what?
Her: i feel like i always get mad at you for nothing.
him: sweetie..do me a favor. stop being sorry.
her: i cant help it
him: look. im not gonna hate you if you dont say sorry. im not gonna love you any less. i couldnt. everything you say is important to me, every word. dont worry so much about how you're affecting me.
her: do you wanna know why i do this? never mind its gonna sound lame.
him: another thing..dont worry about sounding lame. tell me how you feel. if you need to say something to me just say it babe.
her: ok. my last relationship, every time we fought he'd make it feel like it was my fault. everytime i expressed my opinion he'd make it seem like i was wrong, and i would just apologize even if i was right, just so that we'd stop fighting.
him: baby its because you dont like confrontations. you need to know that im not like him and id never treat you the way he did. are you still talking to him?
her: nooo noo im not. im just saying.
him: dont worry about it, just dont even think about him.
her: i just dont want our relationship to be as hurtful and stressful as that one was.
him:(laughs) hunny. we arent in a relationship
her: you know what i mean!
her: i dont even know what to call us..cuz you're not my boyfriend..but at the same time you are.
him: call me your FB
her: which stands for?
him: future boyfriend
her: hah ok. what am i to you? the FG for future girlfriend?
him: nah. the FP. for future princess.
him: look. i love you. i really really really do. dont stress out so much about this, cuz everything is fine. we are fine. i know i dont express my feelings to you a lot but, im in love with you. thats all thats important.

i know ive been talking about him nonstop in the last entries..and ill stop i promise cuz i know you guys dont wanna hear this gushy stuff..but wow..i just feel so..happy right now. that conversation made me feel so much better about myself, and about us, and just about life in general. if we're meant to be when he goes to college, it'll happen. and if it doesnt, id do it all over again. even if i knew the outcome. wow i love love loveee him :) ok im really done now i wont talk about him as much anymore in the next entries hahaha :X
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momma devoloped a habit.. [05 Mar 2005|05:14pm]
[ mood | sick ]

Busyy weekend. finally im @ home. recap time :)
Umm..Thursday the girls came over after school to make shirts for the boys on friday. mine said "#32 IS MY HOMEBOY on the back cuz it was for my buddy justin. but it was funnn times.
Afterwards I just hung out..watched the OC..then dan called just to say goodnight cuz he was goin out to the pub or somethin..so yeah that was nice.
Umm friday had lamee school. took a test in english that I think i failed considering we didnt know about it. awesome.
I got out at 1 though for the game..(my mommy let me leave early) and me, danyel,brooke, and courtney went up to the game to watch the boys. it was fun + we took muchos amounts of pictures. the sucky part? the boys lost! :( they were state champs in '02 and last year they were runners up. and now they lost in the semi-finals!! :( it was soo sad.
afterwards we stopped @ BK..were we saw some fans of the team that just beat our boys..they kept sayin stuff like BRUNSWICK SUCKS and all that..i almost had to throw down and knock a bitch out ;)
afterwards the ride home was funnn. we prank called just about everyone. including my dad. lmao

haha good times.
got home around like 8ish and danyel and brooke stayed the night. we spent it gossiping, eating, and laughing. as it should be :)

TODAY woke up aroundd 9 to cramps :X blahh.
got pretty with the girls and went to the diner for breakfast. we were waiting and some nice guy gave us his table and went and sat at the bar area. he was deaf too and i waved to him when he left :) he was like the sweetest guy ever i hope he's happy wherever he is :)
anyways..afterwards we stopped @ danyels bank then went off the the mall to shop :)
i got a new hot purse from american eagle..a suitcase that has leapord print on it from DEB..some sunglasses that are really big and white from weathervane..andd thats it :) not a lot but whatev it was fun. We also tried to find a "boyfriend" for me. cuz you know how lonely i am. haha that was funny. these nasty guys kept following us and talking to us cuz they wanted to tap it. but wowww no. they were soo wierddd.
Umm afterwards we came home and i dropped las chicas off and now im here relaxing finallyyy.
good stuff :) peace

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Poo [02 Mar 2005|09:26pm]
[ mood | crappy ]

my basketball season ended tonight..:(

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lalalalalallaa [27 Feb 2005|05:45pm]
[ mood | exhausted ]

last day of vacation. this was a good one though..i was basically out and about every day/night with the girls..i think i was only at home one night out of it all :)

earlyy practice..8-9:30..ouch :X
afterwards brooke and danyel came home with me and we showered and got all pretty :)
then we picked up britt around 11:30ish
then we left for the girls/boys KVAC championship game..(between the first and second seeds)
let me just say finding that school was HARD. lmao. we got soo lost. we ended up going in circles. it was so funny but frustrating at the same time because i was driving and my navigators argued about which way to go. haha.
finally we found a burger king and went inside to eat/get directions.
we found the school around 12:45..15 minutes before gametime.
we sat with the team and watched the girls game..1st seed - cony vs 2nd seed -skowgegan..skowhegan won!! it was such a good game. plus i love skowhegan too so im glad they won cuz i hate cony :)
afterwards we watched our boys + oxford hills play..they lost :( it sucks too they havent lost a KVAC game in 4 years. but yeah.
afterwards we went home to my house to get our stuff for the team sleepover that night. then we decided to go to applebees(me, danyel, britt, and brooke) to get dessert. i got a triple chocolate meltdown..all i have to say is wow. soooo good.
afterwards we dropped off britt so she could take her own car..then we went to emilys. saw a freaky hitchiker on the way. danyel screamed. we laughed the entire ride there and got energized.
got there..watched some of napolean dynomite..then we had pizza and set up the sleeping bags and stuff and watched saw.
afterwards we told ghost stories..then had some girl talk ;)
then we just talked about life..and learned about each other. which was basically the point of the entire sleepover. it was so much fun. definatley glad we had it :)
we decided to prank call people around 3 in the morning..lmao that was funny.
passed out around 5 am..got woken up around 8 for breakfast. afterwards i came home around 9:30 and slept till around 12.
then i got up..talked to ppl including dan who is being LAME. honestly the way he talks to me online you would think im just his friend or something. which is not the case. its just annoying sometimes. and im like "so what are you doin tonite"..expecting him to say "talkin to you" but he was like "lots and lots of homework"..which i can understand but still..like he didnt say anything else and then just put up an away thing after like 10 minutes. ugh. but im not getting into that cuz thats for a another wholee entry im sure.
anyways..went back to bed around 3:30 and woke up just now. so im updating :)
school tommorrow. ewwwwww.

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Holaaaaaa [24 Feb 2005|12:56pm]
[ mood | chipper ]

umm sorry for the lack of updation. Im on myspace a wholeeee lot. haha
but anyways let me try and recap.

I think that was the only night I didnt go out..so I just hung out at home. talked to some people and passed out around 12ish. Around 1 AM i got a phone call from my loverr :) He was @ his dads house but he snuck on his brothers phone to call me while he was sleeping =)
but umm yeah we talked and stuff..I love him soo much. I wished him a happy birthday!(cuz his bday was tuesday but since it was past 12 it was already tuesday and..yanno how that goes)
but yeah we talked and what not..and I didnt know when i was gonna get to talk to him next because his mom took his phone to use since she lost hers until she got a new one. soo yeah. i miss him so much :(

Overslept through my fucking pictures w/ the team for the yearbook..so I had to raceee there. It was soo bad. afterwards we practiced with the boys team and did this hotshot thing. I was with JD of course cuz he's my homeboy :) haha
Afterwards Brooke, Danyel, Courtney and I decided to go to China Rose to get lunchhh :) We talked and stuff it was funnn.
Afterwards we went back to my house so I could get my shit for the game.
Then we stopped @ Brooke's to hang out
Then Danyel's. We talked w/ her cute little sisters the whole time :)

Afterwards we went to the gym @ 2 for a shooting practice. which is where coach told me and danyel that since we were late to pictures we wouldnt be starting the game :( which sucked ass but whatever.
Got to our game @ Edward Little..wayy to early..watched the frosh game..then JV..then we had our game. we won by like 20ish :) good stuff.

Afterwards we stopped @ KFC/Taco bell to get fooood. there was a hott guy working @ the register. so i kept going back up to get sauce cuz I thought he was hott and the whole team told me he was checking me out and what not..then he told me I had a nice smile :) awwww.
Too bad I dont know his name and Ill never see him again most likley. But little things like that make my night :) haha

Got home around 11ish..passed outttt.

Umm got up around 11ish cuz I was so nervous for the game that day. It was our last regular season game against our big rivals..and they needed to beat us in order to make the playoffs..so yeah big game.
Went to Friendlys with Danyel and brooke of course. Then went to the gym and watched some of the freshman boys. afterwards we left for our game. watched JV and then we had our CRAZY game. we won by 2 points in overtime! it was soooo nice to beat them..no playoffs for them..boo hoo. haha :)
Afterwards we went to (surprise surprise) FRIENDLYS! to get ice cream and dinner. Then i got home around midnight and passed outttt.

And now I can say im officially broke with NO MONEY because ive gone out to get food every night/day with friends. haha awesome. Tonite I think im gonna stay in..watch the OC..and relax :) Hopefully talk to Dan..gosh i miss him :(
peacee <3

[EDIT] wow ok so i KNOW FOR SURE i have some OC fans on my friends list..and I definatley got a little teary during tonites episode. SETH AND SUMMER BACK TOGETHER FINALLY!! my life is now complete :)

[EDIT] I talked to dan for like 2 hours after the OC. he used his bros phone to call me once again. i loveee him <3

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can you be my b-a-b-y [21 Feb 2005|03:28pm]
[ mood | calm ]

so my game got cancelled for today due to the pyscho snow storm outside. Rescheduled for tommorrow. Which means I have 2 games in a row..which is sweeeet 8) We need to win these 2 games to go to the playoffs..we are in 12th place..only 14 go to the playoffs. So basically we cant lose.

Umm vacation week..im loving it. I havent really done anything so far but whatever its better than bein @ school. its almost my lovers birthday..Dan turns 18 tommorrow :) BUT i almost have my game so im gonna have to call him when I get home..hopefully he'll have his phone since his mom lost hers so shes borrowing his for the time being. Gosh i love him :) So happy early birthday to my love <3

Umm. this entry is sort of crazy. but having no game and a crazy snow storm means I can stay in tonite and watch american idol :) Im rootin for mario vasquez or however you spell his last name. he is my favorite. and that 16 year old with brown hair? shes cute :) So yeahhh.

Myspace is addicting. so if any of you have it shout me a holler http://profiles.myspace.com/users/14758805 <-- cuz im always on it pretty much :)

<33 lateee

[EDIT] boo. american idol isnt on till tommorrow night. im so lame.
[DOUBLE EDIT] SIKEEEE! it is on tonite WOOOO :)

How to make a Tori

3 parts mercy

1 part humour

1 part empathy
Combine in a tall glass half filled with crushed ice. Add a little cocktail umbrella and a dash of curiosity


Personality cocktail
From Go-Quiz.com

little miss curious right here :)
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Big is not funny [19 Feb 2005|02:11pm]
[ mood | drained ]

last night was extremley fun :) actually all of yesterday was pretty fun.
So i get to school and go to chem class..we just did the pledge and we sit down -- and the fire alarms go off. so we're all like "umm ok?" cuz usually when we have drills its not during winter and its not during the morning announcments. but anyways we all went outside expecting it to be another drill. we get outside and wait for like 25 minutes and the teachers start making everyone back up so were like "ok this isnt a drill.."..so we wait in the cold for like 35-40 minutes and buses come. we get evacuated to the old highschool (cuz its not used anymore) and we wait there for 4 HOURS!!!!!. someone called in a bomb threat at our school so yeah thats why. but yeah it wasnt bad..i just talked with danyel and brooke the entire time about everyyyyything.
got back to school around 12ish..and then i got to go home cuz i had double early D anyways..got home and relaxed for a bit then had practice from 2:30-4. It was a shitty practice..everyone is a little bit tense. But yeah afterwards me, danyel, brooke, and courtney went to walmart so danyel and I could get belly button rings :) we waited there for about 45 minutes cuz the lady working there was fucking slow as hell. we were so loud we like made a scene..people thought we were drunk lmao. we got hit on my nasty men..and then we went to morse(and if any of you have watched that show on made on MTV..the girl who wanted to be "noticed" and wanted to salsa dance @ her talent show or whatever goes to morse and its our rival school. so in a way my state is now in the MTV loop! :) haha )) but we went to eat @ the cabin which was good.
Afterwards we got LOST..so we drove all around town looking for the highschool cuz we were going to scout them as a team. so yeah we went just about everywhere and then had to run into a supermarket for directions. that was embarassing lmao. then we couldnt find a parking spot so i decided to be cool and park in the middle of the road and create my own spot. then we watched the game..morse lost by 2 in double overtime! INTENSE game let me tell you. then aftewards we went to friendlys to get ice cream at like 11 at night..it was soo good. got home and went to bed around 1ish. funnn night :)

got in a huge fight with my dad..he told me not to come home but he isnt here right now so i decided to come home for the time being. but yeah i picked up danyel and then went to practice 10-11:30..it was pretty damn tiring. afterwards danyel and I drove to subway to see if tyler was working lmaooo. go a lott of entries back and you'll know who im talking about if any of you are interested in my history with him. but yeah. i just dropped her off and went and got food and now im here :)
lateee <33

[EDIT] there are still a couple people who arent active @ all on my friends list..everyone who commented on the last entry doesnt have to read this, but i hate having people who dont update or comment for like 800 months on my list. well not really 800 months but like..8. :) so yeah. I might have to cut your ass ;)
i still love all of you though :) <3333333333 :-* :-*

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List Sitters - uh uh..not cool. [17 Feb 2005|05:15pm]
[ mood | cranky ]

Ugh. Im so glad tommorrow is the last day before vacation. Im so tired all I want to do is relax!

I miss you guys commenting :( And FYI: There are a couple people who asked me to add them and stuff but are just sitting on my friends lists..they never comment/update. Im not gonna say who you are but if you do comment I wont cut you. And if you dont I will because not to be a bitch but its real annoying when I have 4399384934 people sitting on my list and i only get comments or read updates from 2. =) so if you think its you get YOUR ASS IN GEAR.
Hah just kidding. no but really you should comment cuz im cool and I dont like cutting people too much =/


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All she wants to do is dance danceeeeeeee [15 Feb 2005|06:16pm]
[ mood | calm ]

I really do love that song Since you've been gone by Kelly Clarkson. I always have to sing it when it comes on the radio. good stuff good stuff.
So anyways..Valentines Day wasnt all that bad. I guess. I got to school and got called to the office to recieve a carnation and personalized card and starburst from our team captain. so that was pretty nice :]
Umm..Chemistry was alright..journalism was pretty lame..talked to Jon the entire class..went on aim and made fun of each other..then I told the whole class to look at how cute we were cuz we matched =) (I was wearing a light pink skirt and white shirt..he was wearing a light pink collard shirt and light pants) cuteeee. Umm some kid in the class gave me chocolates. It was quite nice of him considering I talked to him like once. but whatever :)

Afterwards I went home and finished my junior paper..then i slept for about 3 hours. Went back to the school..hung out with Darren..we talked and walked and he gave me 2 airheads :) then during the freshman game brooke and I got this idea to make signs..so we did..adam held up the sign that said "TORI IS MY LOVER" and I got little becky to hold up the sign that said "I LOVE #12" and then my daddy held up a sign that said "#12 IS MY VALENTINE". cuteeee. we gave roses to our parents before the game..too bad we freaking lost! by 2 points! ugh. I dont even wanna talk about it so im gonna skip over it.
Came home..showered.. my special valentine called and we talked for about 2 hours..he seemed a little tripped out about the kid that gave me chocolates..he kept bringing it up after we had already talked about it. haha it was so cute. He was like "is he cute?" and i was like .."not really" and hes like "you hesitated"..haha it was so adorable..but according to him he was "just asking"..righttt ;)

After we got off the phone I passed out..woke up to nasty rain and slush this morning.
Got ready..picked up Danyel...then went to schoool. It was lame today. I was tired all day. I found out my junior paper isnt even due till THURSDAY. Ugh. at least im done with it.
After school I talked to Darren before practice..he gave me a dollar for a drink cuz i had no $$$ :) afterwards I walked him to the weight room and then had practice. lamee. we just shot around the whole time. we dont have a game till next week which sucks. brooke, danyel and I just talked the whole time. Planning our week..hopefully going to the club on SUNDAY! I need to get the stress outta my mind and dance dance dance ;)
<333 peace outtt

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